February 10, 2022

In Valencia last weekend, I got to drive the top 10 for the first time, but a mud error and pushing out dropped me out of there and the end result wasn’t expected.

In the official blocks the fastest x 2 in the group 9.s in the time trial the overall ranking of 26/80 was my best ever in the Euroseries, only 0.12s from the pole.

Q1 P31 I drove too deep from a slippery ledge and spun and the car did not restart. From Q2 P19 / 32 I was pushed out 5 minutes, I was last, but I finished 10 places and clocked the last 8 laps faster than the top, and the first purple sectors of my career remained in force. Q3 P9 / 31 DNS, i.e. rejection from underweight 200g, no understanding of how it was possible.

Q4 P10 / 31 It was a clean run and it was nice to fight for the top spots 😃. Super Final P19 / 36 As quality went the way it did, I started from behind, but I fought up 12 places, although it was not enough to continue.

Nasty stuff, But a year ago I started at very different points, and now I suddenly caught the top supergroup in the first race of the year … with an old body against super-stars.

For the next race but pure quality, and a new frame, then I am in the top 10 among the Euroseries …