First Competition In abroad Spain and totally new X30 engine experience at first time after Rotax engine

February 23, 2020

Did not really go the best way, but I am happy for this new experience. At the first day I couldn’t drive any decent lap as the engine did not work, even top team engineers try to fix it the whole day, the problem was electronic failure what cut my RMP´s to 11000 instead +14000. I started the competition day without any experience of X30 

😀 and of course, the very experienced fellow pilot´s won me. On last Final, I did get the pace and even got the fastest lap of all drivers on lap 8/11, but a bit too late. Anyway, great thanks to team mechanic’s, they did unavailable much work to get me on track, and Carlos Gill Jr to get me so near of top drivers already in my first race, 0,8s is the gap on to top Spanish Team driver, I will get it soon